Saturday, 25 January 2014

Riding a Motorbike leads to Happiness

I alway knew it; Riding a motorbike makes you happy :-). But now it's been scientifically proven, as you can read on the Fembike page (sorry, it's in German):

Fembike: Macht Motorradfahren Frauen froh?

And personally?

Yes, of course, for me, motorcycling is one of the most intense sensory experiences. And it's this intensity and mindfulness with which you ride a motorcycle, that causes a feeling of real happiness.

To ride a motorbike you really have to be completely focused, you have to be in the "here and now" with all your senses. Every movement of the motorcycle we do with it, be it controlled or uncontrolled. Bike and rider become "one", whether in harmony, as we would wish, or even sometimes in tension and "conflict" - well, we never stop learning, do we? - and, in any case it's open, it's "true", authentic, we can not hide the quality our "relationship" and how we interact. And the more mindful and attentive we are regarding our bike, the more harmonious is our riding experience.

But not only the bike, the environment as well needs and gets our attention. Motorcycling is a very wonderful mindfulness exercise. Riding a motorcycle we watch out carefully and listen to every sound. But also the other senses are involved. We taste, for example, the sea salt in the air. Unlike in the completely sealed car ("box", as a motorcyclist may call it), the smells of the environment can reach us directly and immediately. Whether woods or meadows, freshly plowed or just harvested fields or manure piles and industrial odors of our modern times, we immediately have in our noses. Wind or storm, sun or rain, heat or cold, we feel it directly and in full intensitiy. We really experience it.

Motorcycling is an intense awareness and attitued of life, far more than mere locomotion. Motorcycling is pure attention and conscious perception in the present present moment. And what other is happiness than to live fully aware, consciously and intensively with all your senses in the present moment?

Yes, riding a motorcycle can really make you happy.

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